Doggie Day Camp – $16.00 Half day • $21.00 Full day (8-5 pm)

Fresh air, sunshine, a game of tag, maybe a little tug of war. A chance to socialize and hang with the pack, but most of all a little in house training. Do you need to learn to sit, stay, or come? It is all possible while attending Doggie Day Camp. Dogs who play nice with other dogs, are spayed or neutered, are current on their vaccinations and enjoy the company of other dogs will have a great time in our Doggie Day Camp! Our Day Camp Coordinators supervise all play groups and engage our day camp guests in a variety of activities. Our trained staff, play yards and dog-friendly playground equipment, will give your dog plenty of activities to choose from.

All guests who will join our doggie day care groups must first participate in a 20-minute pre-assessment interview. Because the safety of each dog participating in our day care program is always our first concern, we will ask you a variety of questions about your pet’s activity level, exposure to other dogs, and interactive style with both unfamiliar people and other dogs.

Playtime – $12.25 per 15 minutes

Not a camper? Like one-on-one human interaction with a little game of fetch, a belly rub, a little fresh air and sunshine? We’ve got you covered! Spend 15 minutes with one of our Tenders up to 3 times a day for a little TLC. Extra playtime for dogs is outdoors in one of our play yards and our feline friends enjoy their extra pampering indoors.

Daycare – Starting at $19.50

Like getting out of the house and hanging in a canine environment, but you’re a bit of a loner? That’s ok, come in for Day Care where you get your very own space to puppy watch and absorb the atmosphere without having to interact with other dogs. Will be taken out 3-5 times daily for potty breaks and is a great candidate for Playtime.