Our Cattery, which is a separate residence well away from any dogs, offers spacious private quarters with sunlit windows for your cat’s basking pleasure.

Cats love staying at The Animal Tender Pet Resort.  Their owners appreciate the value and comfort too. Our cattery offers a variety of kitty condos and suites. We offer extra activities such as playtimes for our feline friends.  Our feline guests are cared for by meticulous caretakers who closely monitor and fuss over each guest during their stay. Our cat rooms are heated and air-conditioned for your pet’s comfort.  Our guests are fed twice daily Premium Science Diet Feline or you may wish to bring your cat’s own food from home. A daily record is kept of each pet’s habits during his stay and our qualified staff is on the alert for any potential problems. Each pet is checked daily for cleanliness, health and emotional well being.

Cat Condos – In their own private areas, well away from any dogs, our cat cottages feature a  raised perch and a comfy fleece bed sure to please even the most finicky feline!

Cat Suites – For the cat who demands the best, our spacious multi-level Suites feature a private bathroom area on the lower level, windows, raised perches and a comfy fleece bed.