We take pride in our clean, modern boarding facility where your pet can safely and comfortably reside while you’re away. Browse through our different boarding options below to see what fits your pet the best.

Dog Lodging:

Our experienced, caring staff watches over your pet with tender loving attention every day. Our facility is climate controlled, has piped-in music, and numerous skylights illuminate the residence with natural sunlight. All dogs are walked between 3-5 times daily in large enclosed courtyards. For an additional fee
your pet can spend the entire day in Doggie Day Camp socializing with other guests. If you prefer your pet not to participate in Doggie Day Camp, we also offer Individual Playtime for an additional fee. Your pet will receive a complimentary bath after 3 days of lodging.

Our guests are fed twice daily, a diet of Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, or you may wish to bring your dog’s diet from home. Please review our policy regarding food from home. All rates include our Science Diet food and being taken outside a minimum of three times each day for potty breaks.

Please come in and take a tour of our facility to see if it meets your pet’s needs. Tours are given Monday-Saturday from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Paradise and Canyon Suites:

Our spacious suites are 8’ wide by 8’ long, giving your dog(s) lots of space to lounge in comfort. Ideally suited to giant breeds, multi-dog households, or those who just prefer a life of luxury, our Paradise and Canyon Suites feature a cozy cot for each pet with a fleece blanket and flat-panel televisions playing your pet’s favorite movies and Animal Planet shows.


Our Residences range from our 3’ x 6’ to 6’ x 6’ suitable for all sizes. Whether you have a small breed, extra large, or for multi-dog households we have the perfect residence for your loved one(s). All Residences feature a cozy cot for each pet with a fleece blanket to snuggle with.

Cat Lodging

Our Cattery, which is a separate residence well away from any dogs, offers spacious private quarters with sunlit windows for your cat’s basking pleasure.

Cats love staying at The Animal Tender Pet Resort.  Their owners appreciate the value and comfort too. Our cattery offers a variety of kitty condos and suites. We offer extra activities such as playtimes for our feline friends.  Our feline guests are cared for by meticulous caretakers who closely monitor and fuss over each guest during their stay. Our cat rooms are heated and air-conditioned for your pet’s health.  Our guests are fed twice daily, our diet or yours for you may wish to bring your cat’s diet from home – please review our policy regarding food from home.

Cat Condos – In their own private areas, well away from any dogs, our cat cottages feature a raised perch and a comfy fleece bed sure to please even the most finicky feline!

Cat Suites – For the cat who demands the best, our spacious multi-level Suites feature a private bathroom area on the lower level, windows, raised perches and a comfy fleece bed.

Health and Welfare

Boarding your pet is the best and safest alternative for care of your pet in your absence. The selection of this temporary home is an important decision. The Animal Tender Pet Resort strives to provide your companion, at any stage of life, an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities. You can board your pet for just a day or for a month or more. We offer discounts for multiple dogs and cats sharing the same accommodations. At The Animal Tender, we are always here when you need us!

Your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority. Our facility provides for a clean, fresh air environment, and lots of attention and activity, essential to your pet’s good health.  Our staff will be interacting with your pet throughout the day, talking, petting, feeding, cleaning and walking (dogs), grooming or playing.

A daily record is kept of each pet’s habits during his stay and our qualified staff is on the alert for any potential problems.  Each pet is checked daily for cleanliness, health and emotional well being. Problems are brought to the supervisors attention for correction.