Puppies and Kittens

Guests must be at least 16 weeks of age to board with us. Vaccination requirements are: two injections of Distemper, two injections of Bordetella for puppies, or Leukemia for kittens and one Rabies. Once at least 16 weeks old, we’d love your little one to come and stay with us! Boarding young pets is a great way to accustom them to a variety of sights, sounds and experiences and will make their future boarding experience much more familiar and enjoyable.


Older Pets

We do not place an upper age limit on boarding pets, but we ask that you consider your geriatric pet’s unique personality and special needs. Some geriatric pets have a more difficult time being away from their family. We discourage boarding large dogs over the age of 12 and small dogs and cats over the age of 14. However, if you do need to board your geriatric pet, The Animal Tender Pet Resort’s spacious suites could be a great fit for pets who might become unduly stressed in a cage-like enclosure that is common in most veterinary clinics.

Pets We Can’t Board

Aggressive or Feral Animals: We all know a “crabby” pet or two who might not like every person or every other animal they meet but who is generally safe to handle or be around. These pets can usually be boarded with little difficulty. However, we are unable to board pets that are truly dangerous, feral (“wild”), or have had little socialization and may react with aggression when frightened. The safety of our staff, your pet, and our other guests is our first priority. If upon check-in we determine that we are unable to safely handle and care for your pet, we will let you know so that you can make alternate boarding arrangements. If you are unsure of your pet’s temperament and feel he or she might be aggressive, we recommend contacting us in advance to schedule a time to bring your pet in for a brief assessment. This “meet and greet” will give us a better idea of whether The Animal Tender Pet Resort is the right option for your pet. Any dogs who do stay with us who are aggressive toward other dogs may not participate in day care or other group activities with pets outside of their own family.

Females who are pregnant or in heat: Females who are pregnant should be boarded at a veterinary clinic in the event that they go into labor and need medical intervention or care during the delivery. Females who are in heat are not accepted; our male guests can detect females in heat from long distances away and can become highly agitated, resulting in a less-than-calm resort experience for all our other guests.

Pets recuperating from recent invasive medical procedures: Your veterinarian is the best place for your pet to stay following any invasive medical procedure that took place within the last 10 days.

Pets with serious medical conditions or pets that require frequent veterinary attention: Such conditions include pets with frequent, uncontrolled seizures; pets with diabetes; pets suffering from debilitating paralysis; or pets with serious cardiac, kidney or liver disorders. Pets with these conditions are best boarded with your veterinarian.

Pets who are exhibiting signs of, or who have recently been diagnosed with, contagious disease, including dogs who have been diagnosed with Parvo or cats who have been diagnosed with Panleukopenia within the past 6 months, or pets who have exhibited signs of URI or kennel cough within the past 2 weeks.

Pets with severe separation anxiety: Animals who experience the equivalent of “panic attacks,” highly destructive behavior, etc., when left alone do not do well in a boarding situation.