Your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority. Our facility provides for a clean, fresh air environment, and lots of attention and activity, essential to your pet’s good health.  Our staff will be interacting with your pet throughout the day, talking, petting, feeding, cleaning and walking (dogs), grooming or playing. We take pride in our clean, modern boarding facility where your pet can safely and comfortably reside while you’re away.


Boarding your pet is the best and safest alternative for care of your pet in your absence. The selection of this temporary home is an important decision. The Animal Tender Pet Resort strives to provide your companion, at any stage of life, an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities. You can board your pet for just a day or for a month or more. We offer discounts for multiple dogs and cats sharing the same accommodations. At The Animal Tender, we are always here when you need us!