Bedding, Toys and Comfort Items

We want your pet to feel comfortable and secure while staying with us, therefore you may supply your pet’s personal bedding (no oversized beds, blankets or comforters, please); bedding must be labeled with a permanent marker with the guest’s first and last name. When your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings she may chew things she would not ordinarily chew at home. Any bedding item or toy that becomes too damaged or that we believe may pose a hazard to your pet may be removed at the sole discretion of our staff.

You may also supply up to two toys or comfort items for her to enjoy. The items must be washable, be suited to your pet’s size, and may not pose an obvious choking hazard. Because dogs can be protective around bones, rawhides, and other treats with a perceived “high value” when other dogs are in the vicinity, they tend to protect them and may attempt to rapidly consume them if they perceive their prize possession could be threatened. Therefore, to avoid the potential for rapid or inappropriate consumption, these items are not allowed.