Dog Boarding Rates
1-40 lbs. Starting at $32.50 per day
41 + lbs. Starting at $35.50 per day
Suites Starting at $44.50 per day
Daycare (No Day Camp) Starting at $19.50 per day
While Boarding – Full Day Camp $12.00 per time
While Boarding – Half Day Camp $7.50 per time

Dog Lodging Information:  All rates include our Science Diet food, being taken outside a minimum of three times each day for potty breaks. If you feel that your pet would love to spend the day in Doggie Day Camp we offer that as well.  If you prefer your pet not to participate in Doggie Day Camp, we do offer Individual Playtime. Your pet will receive a complimentary bath after 4 full days on the day of their departure. Holiday rates apply

Cat Boarding Rates
Condo Starting at $20.75 per day
Suites Starting at $29.75 per day
Daycare Starting at $19.50 per day

Cat Boarding Information:  Meals for cats are included in the boarding rate and there is no additional cost for the administration of vitamins that are to be mixed in with your pet’s food. Holiday rates apply

Owner’s Food From Home – anything other than canned or dry dog or cat food, there is an additional fee per serving. $2.75 per serving.

Medication or Vitamins $2.75 per administration.

Birds & Exotics
Small Cage Starting at $17.00
Large Cage Starting at $22.00

Owner provides their own cage and any diet. Holiday rates apply

Doggie Day Camp and Playtime

Doggie Day Camp
Full Day (8-5 pm) $21.00
Half Day $16.00

Dogs play outside/inside with dogs of similar size, age, and temperament. They rotate between three stations including two pool/play areas and an indoor play yard and are always supervised by our staff members.