Training Classes are available for vaccinated pets of all ages. Our training goal is to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners. Socialization behavior training is stressed. Class offers training in situations you will encounter everyday with your new pup – the visit to a vet or groomer, or another dog on leash.  You will gain a greater understanding of your pup through fun training and socialization.

It is the perfect class to establish a foundation for shaping your puppy’s behavior.

• One Hour Orientation
• Overview of how puppies think, learn and communicate
• Attention and name recognition
• Socialization and confidence building skills
• Play time techniques
• Problem solving: housetraining, biting, jumping
• Basic skills: sit, down, come, leave-it, walking on leash

This class is a fun way to enrich your relationship with your canine and discover new ways to bond and play with your best friend.

Puppy Vaccination Requirements:
12 weeks – DA2PP (distemper/parvo/bordetella/rabies)

Canine Vaccination Requirements:
• Rabies (Every 3 years)
• Bordetella

Please Call (435) 673-0909 for upcoming classes, dates and times.