Pet Vaccinations

The safety of our canine guests and feline guests is our first priority; therefore, we require that all pets staying with us be current on the vaccinations listed below.  Pet vaccinations should be administered at least 7 days prior to arrival by a licensed veterinarian – we are unable to accept home-administered pet vaccinations. Written proof of current pet vaccines must be received by The Animal Tender Pet Resort at least 72 hours prior to check-in. It is your responsibility as the owner of your pet to keep your vaccination records up to date with us. Please keep in mind that absolutely no pets will be admitted without vaccine verification.


  • Rabies vaccine (Every 3 Years)
  • Distemper and Parvovirus (may be listed as DHLP or DHLPP on your pet’s medical record when administered as a combination vaccine).
  • Bordetella, administered within the last 6-12 months


  • FVRCP vaccine. In lieu of cat vaccination, we will accept a titer test administered by your veterinarian in the past 60 days, demonstrating that your cat has sufficient immunity to these illnesses. Or, for older cats, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.
  • Rabies (Every 3 Years)
  • Feline Leukemia

Pet vaccines must be administered at least 7 days prior to check-in, and proof of pet vaccination should be sent to us via e-mail or fax at least 3 days prior to pet resort check-in.

Medical Information

Medications: If your dog is on medication you need to bring in written instructions on how it should be given, how often and what it is for. We cannot give injections of any kind. We can give medication one to three times a day. We charge $2.75 per medication for each time administered. Please only bring the doses necessary for your pet’s complete stay

Medical Emergencies: When you check your pet in, we ask that you give us the name and contact information of your personal veterinarian and provide us with your preferences regarding veterinary care for your pet during your absence. If a medical problem occurs with your pet, we will first attempt to contact you and get your pet in to see your own vet, if located within 8 miles of the resort; if unavailable, or if the situation is critical, we will take your pet to a nearby veterinarian or to the nearest emergency clinic. All charges for veterinary care and transportation will be your responsibility – please refer to your Boarding Contract for further information.

Special Needs: Please feel free to discuss any special requirements with us when you make your reservation – we will do everything in our power to make sure your pet is taken care of and provided for. The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated:

  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Water from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care
  • Daily brushing


CANINE COUGH – Description/Disclaimer/Policy

Canine Cough is a disease which can be contracted in many locations, dog parks, veterinary hospital, shelters or simply walking your dog down the street. This infection is similar to the human cold. Whom do you hold responsible if you or your child is infected with a cold? Do you blame the resort you lodged at while on vacation, or the daycare center or the school you child attends? NO. You simply accepted the fact that we are living beings who can and will get sick with colds or other diseases. Do you demand that the childcare or resort pay for your doctor’s visit and medications? NO. Because you are realistic and understand that it is impossible for anybody to prevent airborne diseases. Due to the lack of knowledge some dog owners do not understand that a dog can be infected with a cold. Canine cough is a common disease that cannot be prevented by fully vaccinating the dog. If your dog’s immune system is weak the possibility of contracting this disease will increase. Unfortunately, there is no proven method of determining your dog’s immune response against this disease. There is also the possibility that your dog has been previously infected without your knowledge and at the time of checking in to the boarding facility your dog does not display any symptoms. If your canine’s immune system fails to protect him from this disease and he becomes ill, it will risk the well being of other dogs in our care. The Animal Tender will take the following steps if we notice any systems:

  1. Remove pet from group play or individual play time.
  2. Call owner or emergency contact.
  3. Transport dog to veterinarian.
  4. Administer medication prescribed by the Veterinarian.
  5. Keep dog calm and comfortable.


  1. Transportation to Veterinarian Hospital office – $13.00
  2. Veterinarian Services.
  3. Medications.
  4. Administration of medication.