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Back to School, Back to a Routine With Your Dog

Summer is a time for fun and happy days with your loved ones under the lovely warm sun. However, all good things must come to an end, and summer is no exception. Back-to-school transitions can be tough on kids, but have you considered what it does for your dogs? They go from long days of having their favorite people around to empty afternoons with no one to play with. When the kids ultimately go back to school, you need to prepare your dog for their big lifestyle adjustment!


Prepare a Routine

Arguably the biggest challenge for your dog as they transition to their new lifestyle is going to be adjusting to their new routine. Dogs, like humans, live happily and healthily when they follow a set schedule for their days. As such, you first need to consider their new routine that won't rely on people being there all the time. You need to consider their needs and ensure they get enough exercise, nutrition, and stimulation to stay happy!

Exercise, Feeding, and More

Ideally, you want your dog to get what it needs throughout the day. Unfortunately, with no one around the house, it can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, a routine can be extremely helpful for you and your dog. Consider getting up early and giving them a nice walk for exercise. After that, you can give them their first meal of the day. That way, they will be both physically and mentally stimulated by the time everyone has to go. Once the kids return from school, you can plan playtime and another meal for them! Stick to your routine and let your dog accept and adjust to it.


Doggie Daycare

Of course, the best way to ensure your dog is good while you transition back to school is for you to get someone to supervise them. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option for some people. With doggie daycares, however, it’s not an issue! Leave them in the care of trained professionals, so they never get hungry or lonely while the family is away. 


Help Your Dog Get a Routine With The Animal Tender

The Animal Tender is a provider of industry-leading pet services to pets of all kinds. We understand the struggles many dogs face adjusting to a new routine, especially when it’s without their beloved humans. Our facility is more than equipped to keep your dog happy and healthy. Our staff will also make sure they never feel lonely! Book a free meet and greet session with us, and let's discuss your dog’s new routine!


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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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