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Holiday Pet Safety Tips For Pet Parents in St. George

It's that time of year again — you're driving around town looking for the trending ornaments, admiring the holiday atmosphere that lights up the streets at night. For most people, that means seeing lots of lights on the houses and trees and adding some decorations to your own home. However, it’s important to know some pet safety tips when having decorations around your home.


So if you're a pet owner in St. George, here are some pet safety tips for the holiday season:


Don't let your pet eat the decorations!

Don't our pets just love to eat everything?

Unfortunately, this holiday season can be a very dangerous time for your pets. The decorations are so tempting that they might eat them, resulting in choking or gastrointestinal obstruction. Since we can't watch them out 24/7, it's important to take precautions and ensure they’re protected from electrical hazards such as outlets, extension cords, wires and anything else that could cause injury or death.


Keep your eyes open for holiday hazards, like tinsel and candy canes.

Tinsel and candy canes are truly a sight to behold and can be very tempting for your pet to eat. They may look like food, but they are not safe for dogs or cats. For instance, tinsel, when eaten, can cause damage to the intestines or stomach and make your pet quite sick. That's because tinsel cannot be digested and will continue to wreak havoc on your pet’s insides. On the other hand, candy canes may look delicious but are actually made with harmful ingredients for cats and dogs. Sugar and corn syrup are the main ingredients of a candy cane, which can be harmful when ingested by your pet. These two ingredients are known to cause a host of problems in dogs and cats, including obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.

In a sense, keep these items out of the way and guard them against common holiday hazards.


Use caution when taking your dog for a walk on icy sidewalks.

It gets snowy in St. George every year, and the streets can be slick. If you’re taking your dog out for a walk, be sure to use caution. Watch out for ice and snow on sidewalks and driveways as well; don’t let your dog run around in these areas without supervision. Slipping on ice can cause serious injuries, including broken bones and head trauma. It’s important to keep your dog away from the ice or at least have a leash handy so you can catch him if he starts to slip.

Also, for the pet owner, be careful too! If you see a patch of ice on your sidewalk or driveway, don’t walk over it with your dog. Instead, go around the area and keep moving forward until you reach a safe spot.


Keep Your Pet Warm

The snow and cold weather can make your dog feel cold and uncomfortable. Give them a space indoors where they can stay warm and cozy, or at least provide them with extra blankets or towels to lie on. A heater will also keep the temperature warm and cozy, and your pet will be much happier. 


We are a Pet Care with a Side of Love

The Animal Tender Pet Resort is a pet care company that provides services for dogs and cats, including grooming, boarding, training, and more. We want you and your pets to be happy and healthy this holiday. If you are looking for a pet care company in St. George, don't wait any longer—book your pet's boarding appointment now before we book up!


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