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How to Get Your Overweight Dog in Shape

As a responsible pet parent, it’s essential to make sure your pup is in shape. A fat dog may still make you coo in delight, but sadly canine obesity is anything but pleasant for our companions. Indeed, overweight dogs are sadly at a higher risk for health problems that may reduce life expectancy. Don’t let your dog’s health stay in poor condition. Keep your pup in shape by following the guide below! 


Proper Diet: Just like humans, dogs will also gain weight if they are eating too much and exercising too little. Dogs are susceptible to weight gain from excessive treat giving, table scrap spooning, in addition to regular mealtimes. Before you get your chubby walking around the block, first make an assessment of their diet with the help of your local veterinarian. 


Exercise: Dogs need to keep active to stay healthy, but this is more true with obese pups. Most dogs would love the extra play and walk time, but an overweight pup may need a slower approach. Start small and incrementally increase your dog’s time outdoors exercising. Be mindful not to push your dog too hard and watch out for heatstroke. 


Running Training: Running with your dog is an excellent way to keep you both active. However, be mindful that hard surfaces such as concrete can damage your dog’s joints if they’re under 12 months old. Try to stick with softer surfaces when running with your dog, such as grass.

Selecting a Groomer to Look After Your Pup!

The Animal Tender Pet Resort is a full-service salon and spa that will invite your pup into pampering heaven! In our facility, our team of expert groomers will bathe, clip, and pamper your dog with care and love that will leave them wagging in delight.

For more information visit our website or call us to book an appointment today!

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