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The Effect Back to School Has on Family Dogs

A back-to-school season is a significant event in the family. It means a major change in family schedules and tons of planning moving forward. As a dog owner, it’s essential to keep your dog in mind when planning the transition, as the back-to-school change can affect them in profound ways!



It's not just kids who experience the back-to-school blues. Dogs also experience it when they come home to an empty house because their owners have to go back to work or school. During the summer months, they were able to play outside with their owners and enjoy the nice weather. But now that school is returning, they will spend less time indoors with their owners. You can't exactly tell them what's happening, much less have them grasp the concept of school. Because of this, you are bound to have a sad dog if you don't prepare them for the routine transition.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and do not like being separated from their pack. The separation anxiety can be triggered by a variety of things, such as the owner leaving the dog alone at home, moving to a new house, or even just being in a different room. Now imagine your dog going from everyone home during the long summer days to being on their own while the family is away for school and work. One significant effect the back-to-school season has on dogs is terrible separation anxiety that can become destructive if left untreated!


Unruly Behavior

If you think a sad and anxious pet would be the worst effect the back-to-school transition has on dogs, then you’re in for a rough surprise. You may be mortified to find that your usually behaved and angelic dog has suddenly become an unruly and disastrous mess! When a dog gets separation anxiety, it responds with uncontrollable urges they just have to let out. It’s their way of expressing what they’re feeling in the moment. These urges can be improper urination, digging holes, chewing furniture, and even more unsightly activities!



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