striped cat looking at the camera laying on a knitted blanket in cat boarding at the animal tender pet resort
Cat Boarding
We provide luxury cat boarding!

Cats adore staying at The Animal Tender Pet Resort in spacious private quarters well away from any dogs.

Our cattery offers a variety of kitty condos and suites, designed for maximum comfort for our feline friends and perfectly situated to catch plenty of sunlight for your cat’s basking pleasure.

Our feline guests are cared for by meticulous caretakers who closely monitor and fuss over your fur baby during their stay. For the most plush accommodations for cat boarding in the southern Utah, Cedar City, and Mesquite, Nevada, areas, look no further than The Animal Tender.
yellow short hair cat with green eyes in a cage at the animal tender pet resort

Our Cat Boarding

Rates and Services

Although it’s tough to please a cat, especially outside the comfort of their own home, all our kitty guests purr with delight when they’re tucked into their cozy accommodations, far from any dogs. Our cat boarding options include:

Cat Condos feature a raised perch and a comfy Sherpa blanket sure to please even the most finicky feline! Rates start at $22.00 per day.

Cat Suites are for the cat who demands the best. Our spacious multi-level Suites feature a private bathroom area on the lower level, windows, raised perches, and a cozy Sherpa blanket. Rates start at $31.00 per day.

Premium Science Diet is fed to your cat twice daily, or you may bring your cat’s own food from home. Meals for cats are included in the boarding rate and there is no additional cost for the administration of supplements that can be mixed in your feline friend’s food.
A daily record is kept of each pet’s habits during their stay and our qualified team is on the alert for any potential problems. Each feline guest is checked daily for cleanliness, health, and emotional well-being. Holiday rates apply.

Cat Boarding

in Southern Utah

If you’re searching for an all-inclusive pet paradise to treat your feline friend like the royalty they are, look no further than The Animal Tender Pet Resort. We offer top-notch cat boarding to the southern Utah, Cedar City, and Mesquite, Nevada, areas, and we enjoy pampering your furry pal during their stay. To book your cat’s boarding arrangements, please call us.
black and white cat with green eyes looking to the side sitting on a brown blanket in cat boarding at the animal tender pet resort
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Healthy pets are happy pets,
trust their paws to our caring hands!

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