While it’s difficult to leave your beloved companion behind when you go out of town, trust that your furry loved one is in the best hands during their Stay at The Animal Tender Pet Resort.

Our experienced, compassionate team watches over your best friend with tender, loving attention every day. Our facility is climate-controlled, has piped-in music, and boasts numerous skylights to illuminate the residence with natural sunlight. All dogs are walked between three to five times daily in large enclosed courtyards for their safety and enjoyment.

A daily record is kept of each pet’s habits during their stay and our qualified team is on the alert for any potential problems. We check your furry pal daily for cleanliness, health, and emotional well being.

Please come in and take a tour of our facility to see if it meets your pet’s needs. Tours are done Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm. Give us a call if you have any questions about our dog boarding that cares for dogs in the southern Utah, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake areas.
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Our Dog Boarding

Rates and Services

Here at The Animal Tender, we treat your dog like the beloved family member they are. With luxury accommodations, your furry pal may never want to leave. Our boarding rates are as follows:

Paradise and Canyon Suites

These are 8’ x 8’ rooms that give your pup plenty of space to lounge in comfort. Ideally suited to giant breeds, multi-dog households, or those who just prefer a life of luxury, our Paradise and Canyon Suites feature a cozy cot for each dog with a Sherpa blanket and flat-panel televisions playing your pet’s favorite movies and Animal Planet shows. Suites start at $46.50 per day.


Residences range from 3’ x 6’ to 6’ x 6’ rooms that are suitable for all sizes of pooches. Whether you have a small breed, giant breed, or multiple pups, we have the perfect residence for your furry pal. All Residences feature a cozy cot for each dog with a Sherpa blanket that’s ideal for snuggling. For pups under 40 pounds, rates start at $33.50 per day, while pooches over 40 pounds will start at $36.50 per day.

Additional Fee

There is an additional fee for day camp and/or personal playtime while boarding.


Discounts are available for multiple pets sharing the same lodging.


Checkout time is 11 am. Picking your pet up after 11 am will incur another day of boarding charge.

Additional Activities

Per 15 minutes.
Full-Day Camp while Boarding$12.00
Per day.
Daycare (No Day Camp)$19.50
Starting at $19.50 per day.
Half-Day Camp while Boarding$7.50
Per half day.
All rates include Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dog food and a minimum of three outdoor walks per day. Your dog will also receive a complimentary bath after 4 full days on the day of their departure. Holiday rates apply.

Dog Boarding

in Southern Utah

For five-star luxury dog boarding in the southern Utah, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake areas, turn to The Animal Tender for gold-standard care. Your pup will give us a two-paws-up review after delighting in their overnight stay with our dedicated team of compassionate animal lovers. Call now to reserve your dog’s stay.
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